The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Queensland's rescue service has been in operation for over 30 years
and was established as sub-committee of the Club some twelve years ago.
Over this time we have successfully rescued and rehomed countless Rhodesian Ridgebacks in need. 

If you would like to be considered for a dog that is listed or that might come up in the future
please contact the club's Rescue Coordinator, Ricki Smith on 5529 9903 or email at

If you are not from Queensland please look through our links page for other State-run Rhodesian Ridgeback Clubs that might have dogs needing new homes.
There are also online dog groups that list Rhodesian Ridgebacks for sale and rehoming.

To those considering a Rescue dog...




Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Australia

Things to remember when looking for a 'rescue' dog.

 - We don't take orders, you can't send an email requesting colour, sex, age, breed crosses. We are a rescue, it's a dog that needs a home no matter what colour the fur.

 - Everyone wants a cute puppy, so when you apply, so will 99 others, be patient.

 - Don't promise your kids they are getting 'that dog' until you have been contacted for a meet and greet and it's been confirmed.
   We are not the bad guys for not giving you 'the dog' you think you should have. Educate your children on saving lives and being patient, not just getting what they want.

 - Rescue dogs will have issues, health, behaviour, toileting ... If all the dogs that end up in pounds were perfect, they probably wouldn't be there, so expect some work
   ahead of you.

 - Read their profile and medical history, be aware of the costs involved, if it's too much for you, then it's not the doggy for you no matter how cute they are. Be patient.

 - Be ready. Don't apply then change your mind the next day, or want the dog in a month, or not have landlord approval... They need a home now, if it's not the right time, 
   don't look until it is.

 - Don't bag out rescue groups, all groups do the best they can, with the best interest of the dog in mind, not the people.
   We all want them to have a happily ever after story to tell their mates at the dog park.
   We have to live with our decision, knowing our choice is the best for those who have no voice.