RRCQ Inc Championship Show 2018

Judge: Eddie Paterson (Ireland)

Photos are $10 each and can be purchased by contacting Paul May on Facebook, email at mayfoto2@outlook.com

 These photos are copyright to the photographer and are for viewing only.  They are NOT to be used without purchasing from the photographer.

Baby Puppy Dog

Minor Dog

Puppy Dog

Junior Dog

Intermediate Dog

Australian-Bred Dog

Open Dog


Dog Challenge - Reserve Dog Challenge

Baby Bitch

Minor Bitch

Puppy Bitch

Junior Bitch

Intermediate Bitch

Australian-Bred Bitch

Open Bitch

Veteran Bitch

Bitch Challenge - Reserve Bitch Challenge

Best in Show

Runner-Up to Best in Show

Baby Puppy in Show


Opposite Baby Puppy in Show

Minor Puppy in Show

Opposite Minor Puppy in Show

Puppy in Show

Opposite Puppy in Show

Junior in Show

Opposite Junior in Show

Intermediate in Show

Opposite Intermediate in Show

Australian-Bred in Show

Opposite Australian-Bred in Show

Open in Show

Opposite Open in Show

Veteran in Show

Neuter in Show

Opposite Neuter in Show

Best Headed Dog

Best Brace

Veteran's Parade

Judge + Show Committee